Our services

CHL PRODUCTS serves your needs for custom manufacturing, with a focus on collectibles and premium promotional products. We work hand in hand with product designers, artists, and marketers in turning movie, sport, and music stars, comic, animation, and corporate brand characters into highly collectible items; together we serve worldwise customers including rock icons Beatles, Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, major Japanese Baseball League, and high profile organizations Esquire, Hasbro, SunBum, MTV Canada.

Our capacity

Quality assurance. In the world of collectibles, quality is king; and quality starts from good prototype. We are proud to have a team of skillful and specialized sculptors, who will not only ensure you a good start, but also help maintain a high standard for production. Sculptors are artists and, like everything else, there are good and bad arts; ours you may see and judge through the displays of this website.

Production capacity. We run our production with focus and flexibility; we focus on getting the job done, but we are not limited by our own facilities for production. We have been and will continue partnering with other established factories for various needs. This strategy of nimbleness has not only helped expand our capacity, but actually keeps us survival and prosperous in the volatile market, which actually witnessed many closed out businesses in recent years.

Market connection. With our present in the US, we are not only able to keep close eyes on the market needs, but also provide convenience for clients to communicate with us in their own term. This is essential for the success of outsourcing as, simply, it requires constant inputs from both ends to make a good product. Without a efficient communication system, for example, you probably would have to wait a few days for simple question like "what do you think about this change?" Many clients appreciate our insights about manufacturing and optimizing their product in design, quality, tooling, cost, and safety.

With the capacity, we can provide turnkey services from designing (with your idea), prototyping, production, packaging, to delivery.

Our approach

As factories can only do as good as what they perceive about your products, it takes two sides of efforts to achieve a successful production. As customers, here are a few things you should prepare:


Basic knowledge. Oftentime, for example, we receive inquiries about "doing a few vinyl pieces"; problem is that plastic (vinyl) products are produced by precision molds and machine under high temperature and pressure, which setup is very costly therefore not feasible for small quantity. The lack of basic knowledge not only makes communications difficult, but could also cost your business with wrong decision. You may check out some of the issues we discuss in the "FAQ" section.

Good design. Custom production starts from YOUR design; therefore, it's important to convey your idea clearly. In most cases, it is worthy to have a professional to do the design. A good design is not just a drawing, oftentime, it addes value to your product (artistic value). This is a good illustration.

Quantity. Unlike individual sculpture (which we also do), normal production requires quantity, which is actually a key element in achieving desired pricing while keeping factory sustaineable. As a rough guide, we expect minimum 20' container load of products for each shipment.


Then what can you expect from us?

Once having your design, we will run a cost estimate and provide quote for the project and, with your approval, it would be our job to ensure you a quality production.


To learn more about our company, products, and production, please read the related topics from the menu above; or contact us for other inquiries including customer references.