About Chuangle

Chuangle started in 1993 by a group of newly graduated students from fine art design and sculpture universities, under the name of “Shenzhen Chuangle Product Design Company". Their main job was to design and to sculpt product prototypes for the toy and craft companies in Shenzhen area, while doing small production of their own. The business grew slowly, but their works have earned a good reputation through the years.


In 2002, the company operated as Chuangle Product Creation (HK) Co., Ltd.


In early 2003, the company partnered with US marketing firm, CEI Global Marketing, Inc., and jointly formed Shenzhen Chuangle Products Company (“CHL Products”). Since then CHL Products has become a company with combined capacity of product designing, sculpting (prototyping), mass production, marketing, and sales.


For more than ten years, CHL Products has established an unique manufacturing and product quality control system, specializing in various cartoonized, life-like human and animal figurine, statue, doll design, sculpture, and production. Among the products are figurines and sculptures of famous guitar heroes, movie and sports stars, Disney and Warner Bros cartoon characters.


 CHL Products' goal is to provide clients with best quality products while keeping costs down by maintaining the first class product development capacity, first class manufacturing technique, and first class services.