About CEI

CEI Global Marketing Inc. ("CEI") started in 2000 as an outsourcing service company which focus on helping US firms to manufacture products in China. With deep root in China, we have more than 20 years experience in manufacturing and importing/exporting.


As an important step toward better quality control, in 2003, CEI partnered with Chuangle Product Creation (HK) Co., Ltd. ("Chuangle"), a renown product developing and manufacturing company in China, and jointly formed Shehzhen Chuangle Products Company ("CHL Products"). CHL Products has since been our manufacturing base and quality control center, while CEI remains the contact point for our worldwide clients.


What does CEI stand for? 


It stands for our three focuses: Customer, Excellency, International. 


Customer is our ultimate focus. We strike to establish a high service standard among our supply chain, including factories in China where business environment is different. On the other hand, we understand that it is customer who knows the market best; so we work hard in helping customers to realize and to develop their own product ideas. With each project, for instance, we work closely with client by providing our inputs to product designs, materials, manufacturing method, packaging, and transportation, even before production starts.


Excellency comes from quality. While keeping costs down, we focus on high-end production because we believe that, in the end, it is quality that sells. We had found the perfect solution by teaming with Chuangle and its professional designers and sculptors. Not only do these true artists ensure you a good start (prototyping), but they also help maintain a high quality standard.


International transaction could be difficult and sometimes painful given the added barriers of language, culture, legal, trade, and business environment. True, good quality, fair price, and safe processing are the basic elements for any business transaction, home and abroad alike; there is a preposition, however, which is that both parties should be on the same page under some basic rules. We have heard our own clients telling stories about how irresponsible some factories were, how difficult in communicating sometimes, and how frustrated when things went wrong, and so on. As an export-oriented manufacturer and with a office stationed in US, we fully understand these issues and do our best to provide the convenience, efficiency, and safety our customers need. 


Our value-added services


Of course, we can do more than just providing convenience; as many customers can attest, for instance, our knowledge in manufacturing is valuable in achieving high quality and saving costs. On one hand, a good product is not just the result of designing skills, but also the optimization of materials and production technique; on the other hand, proper use of material and manufacturing method would also help control product costs. It is our goal in helping you to achieve these goals.


Following scenarios should showcase the important role of CEI:


  • For each project, we would help client understand the procedure, give our inputs on optimizing product design, productivity, and cost saving. For example, we may help client design the packing carton so that it would be more cost-effective in shipping; we may advise client to increase or reduce product quantity so that it can fully utilize container space; we may provide different options in terms of materials, colors, packaging, and manufacturing methods; and so on. In fact, if you find this website informative and helpful, it is maintained and updated by CEI.
  • Besides local present, we offer to handle overseas shipment including delivery to customer's door; this option actually saves client money as we pay Customs bond on annul basis, in addition to free from hassle of shipping and Customs handling
  • Since the Mattel product recall in 2007, US government has constantly been tightening its product safety regulations, the CPSCIA act. Although we are not experts in legal or regulation compliance, we keep a close eye on the developments and try to help clients keep up with them. 

In sum, CEI is your co-designer who helps optimizing your products for manufacturing, your extended department of product development and purchasing which helps control the product quality and costs, and your representative who frees you from dealing with the hassles in overseas production and transportation. Along the way, we will continue working and bringing more value-added services to our customers.