How we assume product quality

You outsource to minimize cost therefore to maximize profit, or taking advantage of comparative competition advantages, if you will. But outsourcing is not just about cost, it is also about quality and service. Although obvious, however, many people tend to assume same quality at home can be achieved automatically in any remote factory.


This assumption could cost you a fortune. Take a look at this illustration. Without comparing our works, you might think the first two prototypes were OK, right? Not really if you look further.


Common seen quality problems in production


The reality is, there are always good and bad manufacturers, home and overseas alike. This is another example showing some mistakes commonly seen. Generally, problems in product quality include: 


  • Lousy design: it can be deed wrong to assume that factory would know exactly what you want and correct your errors automatically. No, we don't; we tend to think your lousy designs as cute, stylish, and will keep that way
  • Low class prototype: lack of likeness and details, disproportional, wrong structure, low artistic value
  • Cheap mold quality: inaccurate, rough, cut details
  • Bad molding: twisting, bubble, breakage, scratch, chip-off, excessive shrinkage
  • Improper polishing: uneven, rough, excessive sand-off
  • Poor painting: overlapped stain, uneven paint, missing paint, mismatching color, poor looks


Difference in quality control

Besides product quality, there are differences in prototyping capacity, production capacity, integrity, and attitude toward serving customers' needs.


Our factories are equipped with the technology, facilities, and services that meet high standards as we focus on manufacturing products for overseas clients. Following are some establishments:


  1. We maintain a specialized professional team of sculptors. As a matter of fact, CHL was originated from a designing and sculpting company. What so good is this about? Well, as far as crafted toy and gift business is concerned, good product can only start from good design and good prototype (sculpture). Our artists have actually helped establish a high quality standard company-wide.
  2. We have established and maintained a restrict quality control system. While a good prototype gives you a good start, it takes an effective control system to ensure quality production. As mentioned above, a lot mistakes can be made in production.

    What makes us confident about our quality? First, we have the desire and determination to ensure good product, which would usually mean spending more time and effort; second, we have learned from years of experiences (including mistakes) and know where to watch out; third, we train our workers well.
  3. We provide convenience and effective communications by having overseas sales and marketing contact in the United States. Product development is a complex process, which requires excessive correspondences among customer, designer, and manufacturer. After all, manufacturers can only produce what they perceive they are required. In fact, communications is critical in international transactions.
  4. We strike to adopt developed country's service standards. In fact, our US company will help facilitate your projects to your confidence including, as an option, delivery of your products to your door.


Many people are concerned about lead content in paint since Mattel's product recalls; here is some information to help you understand the issue and what you can do about it.