About us

CHL is a manufacturing company with factories located in Shenzhen, China. The company was jointly formed in 2003 by Chuangle Product Creation Co. Limited (Chuangle), a renowned product designing, sculpting, manufacturing company in China, and US marketing firm, CEI Global Marketing, Inc. (CEI). This combination provides the best solution to our worldwide customers: while Chuangle focuses on production and quality assurance, CEI would be the contact point for all overseas transactions, ensuring effective communication, facilitating, and other assistances. 


CHL started as a product developing company that designed and sculpted product prototypes for various toy and gift companies around the Shenzhen and Donguan areas, while doing small production runs our own. Since then, the company grows gradually; among the expansion is the alliance with Hua Mei Plastic and Tooling Co., Ltd. ("Hua Mei"), one of the largest plastic products and tooling manufacturers in Shenzhen with more than a thousand technicians and workers. As a strategic partnership, we jointly set up a workshop consists of experienced molders and injection machines in our facility. The workshop handles most of our prototyping needs and small production runs of plastic products, while Hua Mei's main production lines for large orders. This setting gives us the flexibility and capacity to handle both small and large productions.

Today, we are capable for production of collectible toys and gifts in different materials, including resin (poly-resin, poly stone), plastic (vinyl, PVC, ABS, PE, PU), metal (bronze, bonded bronze, pewter, coating), glass, ceramic, and wood. Regardless of growth, however, we are foremost quality-oriented company; we maintain the most talented sculptors in the industry and QC personnel, who are indeed the core of our quality control system. Not only will these artisans assure you a good start (prototyping), but they also help control quality in every step of the manufacturing process.


Indeed, quality is our main focus. In order to ensure superb finish in resin products, for example, we adopt the wet polishing technique, a method many factories avoid to use as it is more time-consuming and requires higher skills. With plastic products, on the other hand, we can combine different techniques in the process, including injection molding, roto-casting, blown molding, so as to achieve the desire details, or spray painting, pad printing, and decaling, so as to achieve unique color designs. To see how we assure product quality, click here


Communications is critical in overseas sourcing, especially when technical details are involved. An essential task for both supplier and customer is to understand and to exchange each other's ideas efficiently; besides language, however, there are legal, cultural, trade, and technological barriers that could easily scare people away. As an export-oriented manufacturer, we fully understand this challenges and our customers' needs, so we avail us to help you facilitate your order to your convenience. Our US company, CEI, would do just that.

Of course, we can do more than just providing convenience; as many customers can attest, for instance, our knowledge in manufacturing is valuable in achieving high quality and saving costs. As you may agree, a good product is not just the result of designing skills, but also the optimization of materials and manufacturing techniques. Often time, in addition, proper use of material and manufacturing method would also help control product costs. It is our goal to help you optimize your product from production prospect.

Last but not least, you have the product well planned, designed, and produced; how would you ship them out and deliver? We have the answer for you too.


Just contact us for your needs. We will guide you through the process in every step from product design to delivery to your door. We truly believe that, strict quality and cost control, effective communications, and superior services are the keys for us to standout in nowadays competitive market.