BACP™ Program


What is BACP™?

BACP™ is an unique service specifically tailored for retailers who want to purchase pre-designed products directly from factories in a cost-effective way.


As the old saying says: mass is power; it is certainly true when it comes to purchasing. Factories are typically setup for mass production so most likely be happy to offer you the best pricing if they can run the same production non-stop. Small orders are not preferable because it means changing tools and setup often (many use only part of the line), more works to deal with material suppliers, molders, packaging, and other vendors; all of these means idle time, waste, more works, and costs.


Same is for shipping. On one hand, there are differences between shipping less-than-container load (LCL) and full container load (FCL), i.e., LCL rate is more expensive than that of FCL. On the other, regardless of quantity, there are fixed terminal and Customs processing charges, which could range from $600 to $1,200 for EACH shipment, which could be significant if you divide it into small number.


BACP™ stands for "Buy At Container Price", meaning we target to minimum one 20' container load of products for each order. We figure this is an acceptable quantity for most factories, so it gives us enough power to bargain for better pricing; besides, as mentioned above, full container load is more cost-effective in shipping. To illustrate, here are couple real examples.


Example 1: spin mops. If you are amazed by what this spin mop can do, you would definitely example-moplike our hand-held foldable design (it only takes a square foot of space when folded and, better, it can be used as a stool); you can achieve an all-in price of less than $19 (plastic bucket) or $22 (ss bucket) if you order 880 pieces at a time, which is a fragment of what the TV channel sells.



Example 2: pool table. Due to the size and weight nature, pool tables are best sold locally; but even for online stores, the best we can find is no less than $2,000 for a 100% solid wood and 1" slate table with simple style. Our price? $1,350, all-in. So let say you sell it $1,850 apiece, you can make 37% profit, while still beating any online store. You can certainly markup higher for store experience (most retail stores sell $3,000). As for quantity, you only need to order 22 plus tables at a time.


Who would benefit from it?

Question is, what can you do if you only want certain quantity each time? The answer is sharing, meaning you may group (pool) with other buyers for the deal. This is actually the spirit of BACP™, which is not just for international shipping; it can apply to other areas as well. Take the pool table above for example, if you would ally with another store near you, you can virtually share a container and commit smaller quantity each other while still achieving the same pricing goal.


BACP™ is not a one-for-all solution, of course; in fact, it is ideal for you only:

  1. If you are currently purchasing from a wholesaler but wanting to try buying directly from a factory
  2. If you want to order small quantity and willing to share with other vendors for bargaining and shipping
  3. If you just need someone to handle procurement and overseas shipping for your product lines

In other words, the BACP™ service is focusing on existing products, rather than new developed products (which is covered by our other services). We assume that you know what products you are looking for.


Why our service?
  1. We have established a special team in China who would help verify manufacturers, products, negotiate, and oversee production
  2. We have many years of importing experience so we know the products and manufacturers, especially for spording goods, funiture, home products, and collectible toys
  3. Our US company provides the convenience for you to communicate with us locally; in addition, it would also help coordinate overseas and domestic transportation
  4. We have established a system for processing the transactions smoothly and securely
How it works?

Given the uncertainty of actual orders, we would take a two-step approach; first collect order intestes, then finalize the orders. In other words, if you like what you read and want to give it a try, what you need to do is to let us know your needs; once we have enough interests from certain buyers, we will work out the deal with a factory and present you with the detailed proposal. Following is the simple procedure:

  1. You use either the online Contact form or email to let us know what you are looking for. It is worth to note, by the way, with the BACP™ service, we don't limit to what type of product we will carry or not carry; you can even ask us to work with a factory that you know or have been working with.
  2. We will work out a detailed quote with the factory (if not our own), which would include factory price, transportation, terminal charges, Customs charges, import tax and turiff, local delivery, and our markup (8-15%).
  3. You confirm your order only if you accept the all-in quote, with which production will be initiated. Once production is completed, we will arrange shipping from factory all the way to your warehouse.
  4. Payment terms would be 30% at beginning of production and 70% upon receipt of shipping Bill or Lading from shipping company.