Some business ideas

Whether you have already had your products designed or just look for an idea, the information thoughout this website should help. Most of the products in display are copyrighted to our clients, many of them designers, so they cannot be replicated without permit; nonetheless, however, they can be referrence for your application. Following are some ideas.comic

For comic designers

If you are an artist designing comic book or animation characters, your artworks could be useful in a number of great ways, including movie, game, corporate promotion, and collectible toy business; the key is to show it out. How would you do it? One approach is to make the character into life-like figure, i.e., figurine, statue/sculpture, or action figure. You may learn more here.

For promotion

As a marketing executive, you may want to have a premium gift for your employee or client, or a promotional item for giveaway. While any of our product ideas can be used for this purpose, here are some examples:

  • The bronze-plated (real bronze) Golfer is created by our own, while the more detailed Rock Iconz® Guitarist by a client. Suppose you want to have some premium gifts for different applications, for example, a new client and a longtime patron, you may consider giving the formmer a Golfer, while the latter a Guitarist. 
  • In many cases, a miniature of your own product can be a good promotional item. For example, if you are a company supplying warehousing racks, you may make the racks into scaled pieces with simplified coupling and let the customer set them up and play with (think about LEGO)
  • On the other hand, you may consider incorporating your product concept into a figurine. For example, you may make a key-charm with the product image sculpted out in relief; or you may design a bobble head or action figure with the head in the likeness of your product; or a figurine based on your logo
  • Here is another example. A seafoot restaurant contacted us for idea of a promotion item. What would people think of when they go to a seafoot restaurant? Fish and ocean! The client actually had a beautiful fish logo designed, the only thing missing is water; so we recommended a water globe design. As you can see on the right, it's just beautiful.
water globe 1 water globe 2

For wholesale

As a wholesaler, your main concerns probably are product idea and price.

  • As for the former, you can certainly make use any of our pre-designed products displayed in this section, including the home decor items, Mascot Trophy ™, and Golfer.

    You may check out these pre-designed products.
  • As for pricing, it is important to understand how production quantity affects cost. If you produce millions in quantity, as does Mattel or Hasbro, the effect of tooling, processing, and handling charges to unit cost can be nominal; but if you are doing only a few thousands in a production, as do many customers would, these fixed costs can contribute to unit cost in a significant way.

    Regardless of volume, in fact, there are setup cost, waste, and handling charges (Customs fees, for example), which could range from $600-1,000 for each production. So let's compare two quantities, 1,000 and 10,000. What does $600 fixed cost mean to the unit price, it means $3.6 apiece for 1,000 pieces run, or $0.36 apiece for 10,000 pieces.

    Not to mention other disadvantages; for example, many printing shops would refuse the job if volume is too low because setting up would waste hundreds of prints.

  • The other important consideration is quality. Few companies in the toy business can beat Mattel, Toys R Us, or Wal Mart in terms of production volume and pricing; but price is not the only thing that sells, uniqueness, creativeness, and personalities would also sell, probably more so.

For startup

While we are not in the position to advise you in doing business, we do hope every client succeed in a long term. Unfortunately, we do have quite a few one-time customers. From what we see, planning is key; have you heard the expression, "people don't plan to fail, they fail to plan"? So it is important to have your business planned out at the beginning, for which you may consult with an expert. Basically, you can think of it in one of two ways:

The street-smart way: you should make sure, one, there is a market for your product; two, you have the means to sell it.

The school-smart way: researching-segmenting (differentiating)-targeting (customers)-positioning (competition); all are about and can affect product-price-place-promotion

Having said that, here are couple scenarios showcasing how you may take advantage of our services.

  • What about a trophy store front in Wal-Mart?

    While award trophies for children sports are widely needed, Wal-Mart would provide the foot traffic and convenience.
  • What about a gift shop in a mall?

    While you can use some of our designs, you may do your own designs using similar ideas; we will help you develop the line.
Note: most of the products displayed in the website are designed and carried by various clients, meaning not available for ordering unless otherwise specified. If there is any question or confusion, please contact us.