We can look after your production

In addition to in-house production, we often use outside helps, including suppliers and other factories. Given that we are focusing on high-end production, we have the good eyes and experience in picking the good from bad. This unique capacity can be valuable for you if you are looking for someone overseeing your production locally.


Anyone in the job for production and quality control shouldn't forget what happened to Mattel in 2007; the world number one toy company recalled millions of products due to the discovery of excessive lead content and other safety issues in its products. The incident lead to at least one suicide and aggressive tightening of product safety regulations by the US Consumer Product Committee (the "CSPCIA" act).


While we all see the unfortune, few have understood the difficulty in quality control. Companies usually cannot 100% rely on in-house production; in above-mentioned case, in fact, Mattel outsourced the production through a HK based company, which in turns subcontracted to many factories in China. What worsen the situation are, one, product is a result of many works, including raw materials, casting, painting, and packaging; two, for a product like Barbie doll, these works are not individually traceable. So as you can see, it only takes one mistake to sabotage the whole thing. Following are some examples we have experienced:


  • A contracted factory did a painting job for a Japanese baseball figure. The coloring was perfect except of a logo on the base, which was supposed on the right hand side, but was printed on the left instead. No one noticed the error, including molder, painters, and QC, only until one of our technicians checked in, which was too late.

  • A lab test reported an action figure product failed to meet the CPSC's safety standards for Phthalates content. It was a surprise because we had actually done a test to the raw materials at the first place. By further investigating we found out that the problem was that one of the injection machines wasn't cleaned up from a previous job.

  • During past few years, we have experienced major delays for many productions due to labor shortage. This issue is widespread and could cause not only delay, but also quality problem.


While overall China is still a good manufacturing base, especially if you look at the infrastructure establishment and adaptation of advanced management and technical standards, one should not ignore the ever-rising cost pressures in recent years due to US currency depreciation, raw material costs hiking, and labor shortage. There are many implications for this issue; for one, manufacturers are likely forced to use only cheap materials, which may not be good for quality, for another, manufacturers may be reluctant to speed up production, which may mean longer turnaround time.


How do you face these challenges? We have some experience since we are dealing with them daily. In all, we see a need for on-the-site supervision. You may contact us if you don't have a local team yet; we can look after your production in Shenzhen, DongGuan, and other parts of Guangdong province. We charge a minimum commission on project-basis.