Custom head sculpting for action figure


Action figure is usually made of plastic, a material required precision molds and machine, which is not only expensive, but also difficult to setup; so, in most cases, it is only feasible for normal production.

Does it mean you cannot have an individual figure or prototype made without running a full production? There are some exceptions, depending on whether you can modify from any of the existing products. Following are actually some of the options, all based on sculpting the head with your likeness, while using the existing figures.


G.I. Joe type action figure

1/6th scaled (about 12") GI Joe type action figures are widely available in the market, including various outfits; so the idea is that we custom sculpt the head (in resin) to the likeness and assemble onto one of the figure bodies; basically, the package would include:

  • Custom sculpted figure head

  • G.I. Joe type fully articulated body

  • Dark suits, white shirt, neck tie


Barbie type doll

Similarly, we can create a personalized Barbie-type doll by making a custom head for one of the Barbie bodies. Note the same can be done with Bratz type dolls, to the same proportion. The package would include:

  • Custom sculpted doll head

  • Selective doll hair wig

  • Barbie or Bratz doll body, clothes, and accessories

  • Some reference: [1] [2] [3]


WWE type vinyl figure

The same idea can be applied to various all-vinyl action figures. Supposed you want a WWE type action figure with the head in your likeness or that of your loved one, for example, we can custom sculpt the head then assemble it onto a WWE body.

The possibility can be vast; for example, if you have a Bobble head but want the head to be in your likeness; can you do that? Of course, the same concept.

The whole point is to avoid developing the articulated body from scratch, which is usually most costly, while having us to custom sculpt the head and make it one of the kind action figure. By the way, the sculptors who would make your piece are the same ones who created the Esky trophy and many of those Rock Iconz figures, so there is a quality element in it.