How to get accurate quote?

Believe it or not, quite a few people come and ask, without any details, "how much?"


While this is understandable, manufacturing is not like retailing where you can check out the price by pointing at an item. For each inquiry, in fact, we would have to go through a lot more checking; for example, we would need to know the update costs of the raw materials; without the specifics (type, volume, etc.), we simply cannot make the call. 


Basic information needed for cost estimating

Here is a list of items we would need in order to get an accurate quote:


  • Graphic artworks or reference (e.g., prototype): showing type of product, details, measurements, and colors


  • Function: articulations, sound, or other special design


  • Packaging: PE bag, white box, color box, clamshell, or box with window


  • Production quantity: besides production requirement, you may need the volume to achieve certain price level


  • Other requirements: preferred material, application (children product, for instance), time schedule, and so on


Product elements and their impact on costs

You may learn more about various cost elements and their impacts on pricing therefore enhance your design by reading this article.


Special note for college student or scholar

Please understand if we do not respond to your inquiry about hypothetic project for research purpose. 


Due to substantial time and effort in handling each inquiry, we can only focus on serving our business clients. Besides, information such as pricing is confidential, for which, as a policy and commitment to our clients, we tend to prevent from any unnecessary disclosure.


Thank you.


Common design formats and applications
  1. Reference pictures and real-life photos: for individual life-like sculpture. Photos are preferable in different views of same pose and expression 

  2. Hand or computer drawn graphics: including JPG, PDF, Photoshop or Illustrator format; applicable for hand-sculpting figurines, statues, and sculptures

  3. Computer program aimed designs: for prototypes by rapid prototyping equipment. Commonly used programs include CAD, Pro-E, and 3D Max.

Other information that would help in cost estimate
  1. Reference pictures of similar products

  2.  Colors in PMS color codes

  3. Base design, if any  
  4. Whether or not sculpting (prototyping) is needed  
  5. Shipping destination