Government regulations

Government regulations are commercial laws, so are part of our lives. In fact, regulations such as product safety is not just about imported product, but about every product regardless of where it is made. Understanding this should help clearing your fear if you think the Customs is intimidated; it's not unless you are not following the rules, which apply elsewhere as well.


Government egulations are complicated nonetheless, virtually you have regulations from various government agencies including Customs, FDA, and CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission). So as a rule of thumb, whenever in doubt, consult a specialist (we are not). In many cases, however, contacting the responsible agency directly can be an effective way; in addition, government certified labs can also be good resources.


As far as toys are concerned, there are some new developments about product safety, especially since 2008:

  1. Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) requires a Certificate of Compliance (COC) accompanying goods entering into the US as of November 12th, 2008. Check for details. 

    * A sample of COC draft can be viewed here.

  2. Under the CPSIA regulation, product targeting to children 12 years old and under is required to be tested by third party certified by CPSC. Note,

    * Product categorization is determined by Customs and CPSIA, not just based on labeling
    * Even no third party test is required, certain voluntary test is advised

  3. Following are some useful links:

    * CPSIA general web-site -

    * CPSIA link to listing of product covered under Act -  

    * CPSIA link to product not subject to Act - 

    * CPSIA Link to listing of accredited Labs -

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    * Web-site link to Global Alphabetical Country List of Internal Lab. Accreditation Cooperative Members -

    * Link to ST&R law firm providing specialized CPSIA compliance programs and webinars – WorldTrade\INTERACTIVE .