Life-like sculpting

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much would a piece of 3D art worth? 


Indeed, a life-like sculpture of you or your loved one will not only be an ideal display art, but can also be an invaluable family treasury from generation to generation. Have you ever heard of the phrases, "Frozen Music", "Frozen Poetry"? 


Of course, we are talking about good sculpture. Like everything else, there are good sculptor and bad sculptor. To illustrate the point, here is an example. 


The project was to develop a bobble head doll for the SHOWTIME reality show "Fat actress" by Kerstie Alley. Two companies submitted their prototypes before we were approached, as seen on the right of the drawing below. Both were turned down by the client. 

drawing and photo reference provided by client sculptures from other companies, rejected by client

Our work

You should see the differences by comparing our work.


When you star on a show, even it's called "fat actress", you would still want it look beautiful, right? That probably is something a lot of sculptors fail to think about, let alone their ability to sculpt.


In fact, not many sculptors are capable of sculpting life-like figures, especially scaled ones. There are couple reasons; one is that a lot of sculptors are creative-type, meaning they sculpt based on their own ideas, not necessary on the original. Another reason or fact is that some sculptors may be good at sculpting large size object, but are troubled in scaling the details. It really takes good eyes and good practice to do the job.


It may be worthy to also point out that our sculptures are different than those clay figure or clay bobble head, such as this. True, it is a type of art; but this type of sculpture basically focus on only some likeness, usually the face, but ignore the rest. In other words, it lacks details; which can be easily observed by checking the hands, arms, body, clothes, painting, and proportion of the displayed sample. 

Another main difference is the processing method. In the case of clay sculpture, the figure is baked directly from clay then painted, which is not durable (clay usually cracks in a year). In addition, clay is not very good for coloring. Our sculptures, on the other hand, are made of resin. We still sculpt the piece in clay, but just use it to make molds then use molds to cast resin pieces, polish and paint. The result, of course, is difference in quality and value.

Our company actually started from a design and sculpting firm, which has helped developing various products for toys and gifts companies around the world, including the Rock Iconz figures, Esky award trophy, and designs from various studios. We certainly commit doing a quality job should you have the needs. If so, here are the steps to proceed:

  1. You email us the drawings or good photos (preferably different angles of same pose) along with other information such as size, coloring, and accessories (if any)

  2. We will quote on it accordingly

  3. We will sculpt the sculpture based on your design and photos. Once a clay sculpture is made, we will email you pictures of different views. You should comment on the clay sculpture, paying special attention to the pose, likeness, and other structural details.

  1. We will modify the sculpture according to your feedbacks, if any. Once the clay sculpture is approved by you, we will mold it into hard resin copy, color it, and take further photos for color approval.

  2. If the colors look good, we will deliver the finished sculpture to you by air