Action figures

Action figure can be a very broad term; we have heard people calling virtually every figurine action figure. So for better communication, we would like to make following distinctions.


G.I. Joe type of action figure. As you can see from samples below, these are true "action" figures, not only very realistic, but also highly articulated and precise, therefore, highly collectible. Typical G.I. Joe action figure is in 1/6th scale, or about 12" in height, but there are variations such as 8" or 15". 

We have developed a 1/6th scaled figure body, which could be ordered for your production. This is no doubt a big saving and convenience for you, given that developing such a figure is not only costly, but also very time-consuming. Building on that, we can custom make the head, hands (if different styles are required), clothes, boots, and weapon accessories to your design. 


Barbie type doll. Obviously, there are many variations of this type of doll, including those under the names of Bratz, BJD, and Only Hearts Club. Besides different outfits (materials and designs), in addition, there are different doll body structures, from traditional Barbie or Bratz doll (minimum exposed joints), to very articulated one (a newer Barbie design), from rubber band joints (BJD), to stuffed plush body (Only Hearts Club). On top of that, there are many sizes as well, from 3", 6", 9", 11.5", to 23" and higher. 

So it all depends on your preference as far as design is concerned. When it comes to production, you should realize none of above-mentioned body designs can be used for your project; meaning you will need to develop your own, which can be significant cost-wide, especially with low quantity. In fact, to help off set the development costs and to ensure competitive price, some level of production quantity is required.


All-vinyl figure. This should be the most common type of action figure seen in the toy and collector's markets. By all-vinyl it really means it's made of vinyl plastic only, including outfits and accessories; colors are painted. It is worthy to point out, however, there is no rule that you cannot use other materials. In fact, there may be some merit to mix the vinyl figures with some other materials such as fabrics and metal. Furthermore, there is no limit on styles, articulations, sizes, and colors for this type of figures; but you do need to state clearly for what you are looking for if you want us to price on your project.


Sculpture. Sculpture can be a broad term as well, for example, it could mean something like a Roman post; but we can call those scaled human or comic book character figurines as action figures because they capture a moment of action in time; refer to following samples. Sculptures are typically made of resin, pewter (white metal), pewter plated with bronze or brass, bronze, brass, wood, or even plastic. There is no limit on styles, sizes, and colors for this type of figures.