Bobbing Head Doll

Bobbing head dolls, also called bobble head dolls or bobblehead, are very popular among collectors due to their caricactured designs and special themes of famous sports, movies, music, or political characters. The tradition started from sports, especially baseball, so just like other sports items such as sporting cards, the value of bobble heads grow over time, with some worth more than a thousand dollars.


In the old time, bobble head dolls were made of porcelain or ceramic; today, they are mainly resin or PVC plastic. Both resin and PVC can achieve much better details and colors than do porcelain or ceramic. Between the two materials, resin is better than PVC in terms of value and durability; while PVC is not a durable material, resin can last for generations.


As far as manufacturing is concerned, what material to use is really depending on your application. For collector's market, resin is surely the best choice; as giveaway gifts, both resin and PVC can be used; if it is a children toy, however, PVC probably is a better material than resin due to that resin is heavy and fragile.