Prototype sculpting

What is prototype? A prototype is the first 3D model, or real thing, from a 2D design or idea of a product. Basically, prototype serves for two purposes. First, it is the demo piece which allows you to inspect for approval or show around for demo.

The second purpose is that, once the prototype is approved, the prototype itself will be used as masterpiece for processing the tooling, i.e., production molds.

Keep in mind, though, prototype is usually made of resin material, which is rigid and fragile. The reason for this limitation is that resin can be cast with silicone mold, which is cost-effective. If a product requires a material other than resin, therefore, you shouldn't expect the prototype is as functional as that of final product.

So what is the difference between a product prototype and a life-like sculpture? Virtually none except of application. If a product has articulations, meaning moveable parts, for instance, more work would be needed after a sculpture is made, i.e., the moveable parts would have to be sectioned out, a process may require the help of precision machining.

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